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Greetings Lucky Devil patrons!

We regret to inform you that Boober Eats, our dancer food delivery service solution to keeping our staff working during this era of COVID-19, received one of those fancy cease & desist orders from a major corporation. It's not a huge shock as it originally started as a joke. Kind of flattering in a way that our tiny little company got the attention of a major corporation.

We intend to fully comply and now will no longer use the term "Boober Eats" or "Boober" to describe Lucky Devil’s food delivery service.

This does not mean we have to quit - it does mean that we do have to come up with a new name. Our thoughts are churning, and a possible contest may be announced so stay tuned on all Lucky Devil social media.

Lucky Devil Eats remains to server your appetite with food and socially distanced dancers.

We will be back at it again tonight delivering food to all the hungry people of Portland and surrounding cities within a 20 mile radius while keeping our ladies socially distant from you!

Once again, the safety of our employees will ALWAYS be number one above any money or viral fame. This is why we are keeping strict social distancing rules in the workplace, cleaning everything like crazy mother fuckers and being safe altogether.

Just to be clear... the corporation that gave us the cease and desist didn't sue our ass off and were all around pretty chill about it so I'd like to thank them publicly for that right now so thank you!

And thank you guys for supporting this crazy and fun service!


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