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Want to celebrate a birthday, retirement, bachelor/bachelorette, divorce or special event party in the safety of your home or business? 


Lucky Devil Lounge is bringing a new special event food and dancer delivery service to your doorstep with sparklers, confetti bombs, music, a full food menu, beer, cider, wine and non-alcoholic drinks like ginger beer, Red Bull, and CBD sodas available for delivery. 


Choose from 2 to up to 6 dancers to come to your event with food, drinks and one hell of a good time for your special someone! 


Delivery fees include:

• Distance ($30 within the first 3 miles of Lucky Devil, $10 extra every 3 miles after). Distances over 30 miles, please email us. 

• Dancers (select from 2 to up to 6 delivery dancers)

• A minimum order of $30 of food, drinks and cocktails to-go.


All deliveries include delivery by 2-6 friendly dancers (accompanied by a driver). Instead of being greeted by a hairy driver in jeans and a hoodie, your meal is hand-delivered by beautiful dancers who will wear pasties and booty shorts, drop off the food, take selfies at a social distance and dance to a couple songs of your choice or ours. If you'd like to record this slice-of-life moment that is about as Portland as things can get in a pandemic, the dancers can also pose for photos and videos keeping social distancing practices in mind. Tips are greatly appreciated!