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At Lucky Devil Lounge, the health of our staff and customers is very important to us.
As we navigate in this new way of doing business, we are committed to providing a safe, sexy and fun environment for everyone. Thank you for continuing to be part of our business, support our staff and weather this

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• Our staff is disinfecting all bars, counters, tables, door handles, video poker machines and other commonly used surfaces as often as possible.


• Our staff is screened daily for any illnesses and we have them stay home if they exhibit any signs of sickness.


• Our staff is practicing reasonable social distancing.

• All staff members are required to wear masks unless seated,  and consuming food or drinks. 

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• All customers are pre-screened for temperature with a non-contact temperature gun. 

• Tables, chairs, bar and rack seating have all been adjusted for social distancing.

• All customers are required to wear masks unless seated and either consuming food or a beverage.  

• We strongly encourage anyone entering here to practice social distancing set by the county.


• We have extra disinfectant spray and napkins on all bars for customer and staff use.

• Plexi-glass has been installed for ordering at the bar. 

• Water stations and condiments have been removed and replaced with single-use containers. 

Like many other businesses that are open to the public, we inherit a risk to exposure to covid-19. It's important to our staff and customers that we provide an updated list of those that have confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the last 4 weeks:

• A staff member tested positive on December 19th, 2021. Last worked December 17th. 


• A staff member tested positive on December 21st, 2021. Last worked December 17th. 

• A staff member tested positive on December 22nd
 2021. Last worked December 20th. 

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